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Welcome to Make Money and Time, Our mission statement is “We help people create the freedom they seek through the key resources Time and Money”

In my eyes the three most important resources, 1. Time, 2. People and 3. Money is something most people can get much better at understanding.
There’s a lot of opportunity to use these resources more effectively and what I cover on this website will be the two most controllable resources, Money and Time. I recommend that you read “Resources: Money and Time”

Throughout the last 10 years I have focused a lot on personal development around leadership and management of others – Through this I have learned to understand the important aspects of getting things done through others, the concept of outsourcing and a very key learning point – “If you do something, someone else could do cheaper or better within the same time or faster, you are missing a great opportunity” - I recommend that you read “Money = more money + time” to help you understand the value of time.

If you enjoy traveling and would like to do more of it for little to no cost, read “Free Travel from the money you spend today” - If you are not into traveling you should read the “Get cash back when you are spending” to learn how you can get money out of what you already spend.

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